Resveralife Mandala Yoga Mat

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With the Resveralife Mandala Yoga Mat, your thoughts won't be the only thing to receive positive channeling. This large exercise mat takes the wellbeing of your body into account as well.

With a natural rubber surface, the Mandala mat offers a premium non slip yoga mat that helps you maintain balance and perfect form while executing your poses. Its textured surface is durable and resistant to wear over time, and pads your body for ultimate comfort and ease in transitioning between positions.

  • BEAUTIFUL PRINTED MANDALA: Yoga mat mandala print serves as a microcosm for the universe to make any space sacred.
  • LONG LASTING, DURABLE: These yoga workout mats are sure to outlast ordinary mats, even with daily use. And, the best part is they are also very lightweight.
  • EXTRA CUSHIONING: The eco-friendly yoga mat is made out of natural rubber and microfiber and is ideal for beginners as well as very advanced practitioners.
  • NO SLIP SUPERABSORBENT SURFACE: This luxury yoga mat offers a superior hold even during the sweatiest of sessions. Ideal fitness mat for Bikram, Hot Yoga, Aerobics, Dance.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & QUICK DRY: The machine washable surface of this travel yoga mat makes cleaning a breeze. You only need to hang to dry!



The texturized, machine washable rubber material of the Resveralife Mandala Mat offers a non-slip grip, even during intense perspiration. It provides balance and stability facilitates the best form and hold for the execution of even the toughest poses and positions.

Super Durable

The 24 X 69 inch mat offers a positive energy field to inspire you through all your workouts, including pilates, HIIT, bikram and hot yoga, zumba and dance classes, and aerobics. Its anti-tear non-slip, 100% rubber material is machine washable for hassle free easy cleaning and suitable for use at home or in the gym 




The highly durable, quality construction of this fitness mat provides padding and comfort to make your exercise experience less taxing, and will not wear down with age. It provides the body with ultimate support to ease transitions between poses and generate the best results from all exercise routines.