Pecan White Chocolate Halva

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Halva is a highly nutritious and sophisticated treat that can be served pretty much throughout the day. It can be consumed as a dessert, after lunch or dinner treat with coffee or tea and in combination with a digestif. Halva is also an energizing supplement for breakfast and the perfect succulent ingredient for cakes, cookies and ice cream.

Sumsum is a Dutch brand specialized in making Halva desserts. Halva is a vegan dessert, made by ancient process of mixing sesame seeds with sugar and dried fruits. Sumsum’s Halva is handmade from top quality ingredients, healthy and free of preservatives dessert and without a doubt, one of the best in the world

Ingredients: sesame paste, Soy, sugar, glucose, sweet pecan nuts, white chocolate (soy), an extract of Saponaria.

May contain: Almond, Hazelnut, Coconut, Pistachio, Cashew, Pecan Nut, Macadamia Nut, Soya, Peanut.


Our products came all the way from the Netherlands!

Price is for 250 grams.


  • HALVA  does not need to be refrigerated 
  • The recommended storage temperature is 8-15ºC with 45-60% relative humidity.
  • Generally, it is recommended to keep or store it in a cool and dry place.
  • It is especially important for halva not to become dampened. Once the original halva package is opened its cover must be tightly closed and any air contact should be prevented, this will hinder losing the preferred sensuous features of halva.
  • It is advised to keep products away from direct sunlight and not to put heavy loads on packages.