Oxygen Booster Set


Oxygen is essential to life and to beauty. Your skin’s capillary system requires oxygen in order to sustain its youthful tone. Over time, this delicate system gradually loses its ability to take in oxygen. This leads to overgrowth of connective tissues that cause skin to thicken and wrinkle. Adore  Booster  Nourishing Cream helps you obtain a glowing,  youthful look.

It starts with our exclusive Plant Stem Cell formula to soften the appearance of blemishes and fine lines. The formula works dynamically with African Shea Butter for an unmatched moisture. Allatonin is added to further bind moisture to where you need it most, while Vitamin E provides a soothing effect. Meanwhile, Urea, known by scientists as a true humectant, moisturizes the skin.

The result is a nourishing cream like no other, with the power to reveal fresh, young-looking skin moisturized to withstand time and the elements