OXYGEN BOOSTER Microdermabrasion Activator Serum

Oxygen is essential to life and to beauty. Your skin’s capillary system requires oxygen in order to sustain its youthful tone. Over time, this delicate system gradually loses its ability to take in oxygen. This leads to overgrowth of connective tissues that cause skin to thicken and wrinkle. Adore Booster Peeling Treatment helps the skin feel renewed. When activated by the Booster Activator, the peel's foaming action helps the skin attain a glowing appearance, feeling renewed for a youthful, glowing new complexion.

The key is our exclusive Plant Stem Cell formula, intended to restore youthful appearance by adding an invigorating boost for a fresh, young-looking skin. This formula is balanced with glycerin for a healthy glow and moisture to dry areas. To this we add Rooibos extract, rich with the enzyme superoxide dismutase, for a softer appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Together, these powerful boosting actions make vital areas of your complexion feel renewed for the more youthful glow locked within.