Insolite Perfume

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Fine, delicate, typified, Insolite is a fresh scent composed mainly with fine lavender, brought forward with some woody notes who give it texture and consistency. A bit of violet shows its mineral facet and a singular signature.

Main notes
Citron, Tangerine, Violet, Bergamot, Fine lavender, Lavandin, Vetiver, Tonka bean

Without conservative, colorant, UV filter – Designed and manufactured in Provence

The polished lavender in today’s trend !

Fine lavender of Sault, our raw material inspiration…

Unavoidable in Provence, lavender only grows on the heights of dry mountains, on the southern slope of Sault at more than 800 meters altitude. On its uplands swept by the mistral, experiencing the bite of winter cold and the heat of the summer, lavender only flourishes once a year. The lavenders plant is quite small and has the particularity of having a flower on each stem. Considered by the biggest perfumers like "the Blue Gold of the region", its delicate and precious fragrance doesn’t have a yield as high as the lavandin.

A natural perfume

We always prefer to use natural raw material instead of synthetic ones.

We do not use additives to create our perfumes. In our formulations, you will not find those type of components:
- Preservatives, especially BHT……
- Dyes  
- UV filters