Ingénue Perfume

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Timeless, light, exquisite, Ingénue reveals a delicate and floral fragrance. The violet leaf absolute brings an elegant green touch, fading perfectly with the violet flower and iris.

Main notes
Violet leaf, Yellow mandarin, Orange, Violet flower, Jasmine, Iris, Sandalwood, Musk, Amber

Without conservative, colorant, UV filter – Designed and manufactured in Provence

The raw and green violet leaf freshly associated with floral and
powdery notes

Violet of Tourrettes, our raw material inspiration…

The violet flower originally used to grow in Tourrettes-sur-Loup in Provence, known since the antiquity. It first was used for its medicinal properties but since the 17th century, its harvest becomes more and more expanded and the royal courts fragrance themselves with it. Full of many symbols, it represents love, the joy of life, purity and moreover innocence. The violet flower was the success material in the fragrance industry since the 19th century.

A natural perfume

We always prefer to use natural raw material instead of synthetic ones.

We do not use additives to create our perfumes. In our formulations, you will not find those type of components:
- Preservatives, especially BHT……
- Dyes  
- UV filters