Icon Edition - NU Apple Peel Off Mask

This ruby-hued peel off mask looks as juicy as a delicious red apple and immediately works to peel away at surface imperfections.

Active antioxidant ingredients work deep into pores, locking onto dirt and debris. Then, the peel off action lifts them up, revealing brighter, better skin and fresher face. A powerful combination of ingredients including apple extract and Fruit Cell Culture work on surface skin cells for long-lasting skin brightening effects.

In an instant, pores are deeply cleaned, skin is smoothed and left so so soft. You’ll Adore the way your face looks - and feels! 

Size: 50ml/1.7 oz



Using the spatula, mix product in the jar and apply a generous amount onto face. Make sure to apply an even layer.

Let dry for 25-35 minutes and start removing by lifting the edges until the entire mask is off. For best results, follow with the Essence Facial Toner and your favorite Adore moisturizer.