Herstyler Baby Curls Pink



A Curl’s Best Friend!

Dreaming of vintage rock star curls? Or you just have the yen for a crown of tight corkscrews. Whatever your fantasy in the domain of tight curls, the Herstyler Baby Curls Mini curling wand is your go-to tool. With a host of innovative features that take care of your tresses while your whorls go wild with curls, this tapered curling wand can be your curl’s best friend.

• Clip-less Teflon barrel creates shiny curls without tugging or breaking hair
• Temperature settings that reaches 400°F
• 9/18mm tapered barrel made to create endless styling possibilities
• Negative ion technology eliminates frizz
• 360° swivel cord prevents the cord from getting tangled or damaged
• Dual voltage accepts both 110-120V and 220-240Vhair


Curler With Aplomb

Craving for really fine cascading curls? The half inch Herstyler mini curling iron does just that! Its negative ion technology helps control frizz and gives you the liberty to curl your hair with elan. Just heat the curling iron, part your hair into smaller sections. Wrap each section around the barrel and hold in place for 10 seconds or more. Loosen gently and move on to the next section repeating the process until you’ve covered all the sections of your hair. Voila - a mop of cascading curls!



Perfectly Carve out tight, voluminous and bouncy curls or sweet, innocent twists with the Herstyler Baby Curls Mini Curling Iron.

This professional hair curler offers a 9 mm – 18 mm (1/3 inch – 3/4 inch) tourmaline barrel that heats up to temperatures of 400 degrees F and cools within seconds, locking endless shine in your delicate strands.

A clipless wand design and 360-degree swivel cord allows you to wrap hair easily, and release without the risk of singeing, snagging or crimping your locks. This hair curling tool is suitable for all types of hair, from short, fine and fragile to long, coarse, wavy and thick.