Figuier & Lait de figue Natural liquid soap with olive oil

Intense and green, FIGUIER & LAIT DE FIGUE brings us directly to Provence, in the shade of a blooming fig tree. Vetiver accentuates its woody facet and it is summer that warms the skin with its addictive fragrance.

Main notes
Bergamot, Jacinth, Fig leaves, Vetiver, Fig milk

A memory of summer holidays in Provence will inhabit us all year

The saponification of our liquid soap is made according to the traditional method known as « Savon de Marseille ». Our liquid soap contains at least 98% ingredients from natural origin, it is naturally biodegradable and without synthetic surfactant EDTA, BHT, Phtalate, PEG, Paraben.

With 8% of olive oil in our formula – 8 times more than the average soaps known with olive oil – this soap guarantees to maintain a natural hydration of the skin.

98% ingredients of natural origin. Designed and manufactured in Provence.