Éclatant Perfume

Bright, lemony, tonic, Eclatant represents the freshness of a sparkling lemon, worked around bright and tonic notes who glow from all their sparkle to then finish on a rounder note.

Main notes
Lemon, Citron, Basil, Mint, Verbena, Cedarwood, Rosewood

Without conservative, colorant, UV filter – Designed and manufactured in Provence


Lemon of Menton, our raw material inspiration…

The harvest of the lemon began in the 16th century in Menton, near Monaco, a region where the lemon trees - very sensible to the cold - grew easily. The countryside will then be very quickly covered of these beautiful lemon trees. This winter fruit, sweet without any tartness, gives off a fruity smell and taste. The lemon of Menton is nowadays a rare and coveted product.

A natural perfume

We always prefer to use natural raw material instead of synthetic ones.

We do not use additives to create our perfumes. In our formulations, you will not find those type of components:
- Preservatives, especially BHT……
- Dyes 
- UV filters