Farouche Perfume

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Fresh and warm, salty and sunny, Farouche is like a piece of land still virgin flooded with sun and swept by the Mediterranean sea spray. A raw place where the immortal grows between the rocks a few meters from a turquoise and crystalline sea.

Main notes
Peppermint, Immortal flower absolute, Absolute ciste, Vetiver

Without conservative, colorant, UV filter – Designed and manufactured in Provence

The perfect harmony between the seaside vegetation and the bright sun of the Var coast…


Immortal of Ollioules, our raw material inspiration…

It was from the 19th century that horticulture developed itself in the old village of Ollioules, in the Var, on a land marked by water, its rivers, its fountains...Historically, the harvest of a small yellow flower very fragrant has earned him the name of capital of the immortal. Also called "Golden sun", the immortal is redeployed today in the region of Hyères.

A natural perfume

We always prefer to use natural raw material instead of synthetic ones.

We do not use additives to create our perfumes. In our formulations, you will not find those type of components:
- Preservatives, especially BHT……
- Dyes  
- UV filters