Beauty Boost LED

The LED Facial Therapy has four functional modes; Ultrasonic, Ion+, Ion-, Massage and Photon (LED). Multiple types of treatments are available using the LED Facial Therapy. Each of the treatments is linked to a particular mode of the LED Facial Therapy. The LED mode has three colors available, red, blue, and green. The ultrasonic mode uses ultrasound for anti-aging. The ultrasonic, ion+, and ion- modes of LED Facial Therapy have five levels of intensity.

Directions of Massage for Usage:
•Move from chin to earlobe along the jawline.
•Move from the corner of your mouth, under your cheekbone, to the top of your ear.
•Move from your nostril to the outer orbital area
•Move from the center of your brow, along the brow bone to your outer temple
•Move upward from brow bone toward your hairline