Adore Newmen Hydrating Cream

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Restore and balance your skin with Adore NEWMEN Hydrating Cream. It offers our distinctive Plant Stem Cell formula to nourish your facial skin.  Our exclusive Plant Stem Cell formula is today’s  skincare product. It’s intended to help restore youthful appearance by reducing the look of fine lines and attain a healthy-looking texture. This remarkable formula is infused with vitamins and botanicals to feel renewed.

The Hydrating Cream provides antioxidant-rich African Shea Butter to promote a healthy-looking, radiant skin.  To this we add glycerin to help improve the look of skin's firmness and suppleness. Meanwhile, the presence of Urea in the formula gives a smooth and youthful-looking texture to the skin.



Apply Hydrating Cream liberally to skin in order to restore balance. Can be used daily. Use as needed.