Adore Newmen After Shave Balm

‏Refresh and soothe your face after shaving with Adore NEWMEN Aftershave Balm. Each time you shave, a thin layer of skin is removed from your face along with your beard.  This removal depletes the natural resilience and moisture of your skin. Our emollient-rich .balm is ideal for sensitive skin

Adore NEWMEN Aftershave Balm delivers our signature Plant Stem Cell formula to your facial skin.  It’s intended to help bring back the skin's youthful appearance and healthy-looking texture.

This remarkable formula is infused with active vitamins and botanicals for a renewed feeling. The power of Pro-Vitamin B5 functions as a humectant that attracts and retains moisture. We further include Vitamin E to help diminish the appearance of fine lines.    

‏To complete our formula, we add the leaf juice of the desert-growing Aloe Barbadensis plant (known in Egypt as “the plant of immortality“). Aloe has been treasured for over three thousand years

We complement the qualities of Aloe by also blending Bisabolol, a soothing extract of German chamomile, into the Balm. Bisabolol also helps soften the look of fine lines and wrinkle



‏After shaving and rinsing Shaving Cream from face, apply Aftershave Balm liberally to skin in order to soothe and protect.