Adore House Visit - Home Pampering Service


Adore Cosmetics is  the first skin care brand in the Philippines to introduce botanical stem cells.  Adore uses a patented plant stem cell formula, blending powerful ingredients to restore healthy looking skin.


Now , we are bringing this Anti Aging properties of discovery from our store to your homes  through Adore Home Visit. We bring  unsurpassed beauty treatments at any age - and it's yours exclusively to adore.


90 minutes pampering session


Facial treatment using plant stem cell - based skin care products enhanced by  a multi function facial machine

* Skin Analysis
* Cleansing, Toning
* Treatment - Lifting and Firming
* Skin Repair



Health and Safety Guidelines

To Ensure the safety of both our clients and our beauty experts,  sanitary protocols will be strictly  observed during the treatment
1. Client is requested to fill up a health disclosure form before the  pampering service
2. Our Beauty Experts are complete with PPE which includes but not limited to:     face Mask, face shield , gloves and disposable bed covers
3. It is recommended that client assigns a specific area at home where the pampering service will be done so our Beauty Experts can properly prepare and sanitize the area and the materials to be used.
4. Services will be  conducted by our well experienced beauty experts which are trained to prioritize high standards or service and safety standards